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In the 21 years that we have been offering marketing services to estate agents much has changed with the demands and needs of agents increasing dramatically, principally because of the introduction of new technology (digital cameras etc) and the advent of the internet as a major part of the house selling process.

We have built our business on offering great quality, great customer service and great value for money, but our recent research has indicated that a number of our clients now need a more bespoke service. A service that spends more time in each property, supplies more photographs and takes a more creative approach highlighting the best features of that property.

On the back of this research I am delighted to announce the launch of Capture24/7, the bespoke arm to our property service. Using our most experienced photographers and the best digital equipment available these highly trained and creative people are really going to take property photography to the next level.

I am extremely proud of the service we currently offer, so if you want the special properties on your books to receive the photography they deserve then please contact Capture247, you will not be disappointed.

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Andy South | Managing Director


With many of the properties we visit being sold for prices that run into the millions (and of course a fee at stake that represents that purchase price), clients have every right to expect a level of service and quality that reflects these figures.

This includes the quality of the people commissioned to produce the photography and other marketing material for the property. This is where Capture24/7 come in. Our enhanced level of service means that we meet your client to discuss their requirements and then spend as long as it takes to get the right selection of photographs for your marketing material.

You can expect not just high definition room shots but a selection of angles for each room and a number of exterior shot including if required an aerial shot produced using our latest carbon fibre elevation poles (we can even offer aerial photography up to 1000ft using our ‘photo-copter’ service.

A key element of the Capture24/7 service is to be creative with the photography we take, black and white, close-ups of architectural and decorative features can all be incorporated into the visit and of course we can also produce a floorplan and EPC as part of the service.

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Our photographers will arrive with all the latest digital camera equipment including a full frame SLR camera which takes the highest resolution photographs. But, whilst equipment is obviously a factor in taking great photographs it’s by no means the whole story.

The reason why you can expect fantastic photographs when using Capture24/7 is the quality of our photographers and the fact that they are experts in the ‘dark art’ of composition. The ability to ‘see the photograph’ is similar to an artist being able to draw. it’s a skill that can be developed but it can only be developed providing a photographer has an initial talent.

The first stage of our visit is to sit down with the client (and if required the estate agent) and get a clear understanding of what they consider are the best features of their house and garden. After all they are the people who have lived and enjoyed the property and they can tell us what made them buy the property in the first place. In addition they can also tell us what they have improved during their time in the property.

We then make sure the lighting is as perfect as possible and take as many photographs as our photographer and the client feel are necessary. There is no limit on the number of photographs we will take during a shoot, with our service you pay for time at the property. This allows us to take the creative shot, the close-up and the slightly off the wall, all of which go to create a truly one off photo shoot for that home.